How To Measure a Boot

measure-foot-2.jpg  Points of Measurement

 The measurements should be taken with the tape measure on the leg, naturally not tightly.

Take all measurements and outline with normal socks and polo pants on. Measurements can be in inches or centimeters. You will need to measure both legs, both left and right.

1. Using the Leg Map drawing as a guide, next list the areas starting with 1. Joint, and end with 8. Height from ground to Leg Top.

2. Place each foot on a blank sheet of paper so you end up with an outline of each foot. With foot on paper, hold pen upright and draw an outline of each foot. Write down the width of each foot at the widest part. And then write down the lenth of each foot from toe to heal as indicate on the drawing of Foot Map

3. Transfer measurements from your notes to the options for the boot options on the web page.