2 Complete Gag Bridles "Extra Comfort"

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promo E.C. 2 Bridles Gag
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 2 Complete Gag Bridles


2 Complete Polo Gag Bridles. "Extra Comfort" . Save $45

Premium Quality Argentine leather. Fine Craftsmanship.

S.S. buckles. 


The complete Polo Gag Bridle Includes:

Raised and padded Browband for comfort.

Round braided rawhide Noseband.

Hinged dropped Noseband padded. 

Pair of leather and nylon easy on and easy off cheeks.

One pair of Reins. ( center buckle).

Reinforced Martingale.

Padded Breastplate for comfort. 

Gag bit is not included.  

Great looking bridle.